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Damien on… Dick Trickle

Born in Wisconsin in 1941 – six weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbor – Richard Trickle shortened his first name, regardless of the humorous result.

He went on to become one of the most successful “short track” racers of all time – eventually progressing to NASCAR.


But at 71, he decided the time had finally come to wave his OWN checkered flag.

He drove his pickup down to Forest Lawns Cemetery, phoned the authorities and told them they’d find a body at the cemetery.

Their answer is unrecorded.

He added – HIS.

Dick Trickle then blew his brains out.

The cops found him there, minutes later.

He was an American.


One Response to “Damien on… Dick Trickle”

  1. A year younger than I am now… Good show, kid! I wanted to do it when I was 8. Thou art a better bod than I am, sir. I am still trying to fix a suitable date. Of course, things would be so much better if they let us have guns in UK.

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