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Damien on… Nigel Marven And Bear Grylls

Sometimes you see a programme entry in a “minimalist” listings magazine that just looks WRONG.

One such is on Animal Planet this month – “Untamed China With Nigel Marven”.

Now I’m sorry if you, reading this, are called Nigel – but even YOU have to admit it’s a WANKY name. At best it’s a little boy’s name, not a man’s.

I mean, his parents certainly missed a trick. Why didn’t they call him MARVIN? Marvin Marven – now that’s COOL. Marvelous Marvin Marven (okay, maybe that’s overdo).

But on the same day, The Discovery Channel goes with “A Day In The Life Of Bear Grylls” – BEAR – now THAT’S a name.

I had to LOOK UP Nigel Marven (he has a SMALL entry in Wiki) – but Bear Grylls I’m FAMILIAR with.

He’s a sort of nature survivor. A while back, I saw him drag some British celebs – and a small film crew – through hell and high water.

He’s BUTCH. And his name is BEAR. Names don’t GET much butcher than Bear.

While – Nigel. Would I face “Untamed China” with a guy called Nigel?

I think not.


2 Responses to “Damien on… Nigel Marven And Bear Grylls”

  1. I used to have my hair cut by a teenage man called Nigel. He was quite normal, with no signs in speech or gesture of being anything but this nice young man. I have not checked ‘Nigel’ in a dictionary of names, but it will probably turn out to be from ancient Hittite and mean ‘merciless warrior’. If William and Catherine name a son Nigel, we will be flooded with Nigels, and probably find they are all cool dudes. As for untamed places, all you butch Bears can knock yourself out. I prefer Bournemouth. But I stay away from downtown in the evening since the Council allowed those clubs…

  2. Nigel was originally – WRONGLY – thought to mean “black”. In fact, it has the same origin as Neal – coming from the Gaelic Niall – which means “champion”, “cloud” or “passionate” – take your pick.

    It was popular in England (only) during the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.

    However, in Australia, it is slang for a social misfit – a boy without friends. Point proven, I think!

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