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Damien on… Cuff-Shooters And Dames

I recently had a comment on one of my YouTube uploads – Parky, interviewing Diana Rigg in the Seventies – which I thought would bear repeating here, along with my response.

It read…

“OMG if I could speak English like her. I think she has the most classy, perfect and sophisticated accent. WOW.”

To which I replied…

“In her formative years, Dame Diana lived in India.

“The only place you will hear English spoken proper today is by the royals, Etonians – and those who are expats from the old pink bits on the map (the British Empire).

“Actors who grew up in these regions – isolated from Britain, as its accent went down the dumper – returned to their roots to find work.

“They include Sir Cliff Richard, Felicity Kendal CBE and Joanna Lumley OBE (India) plus Richard E. Grant and Nigel Green (Africa) and newcomer Adhir Kalyan (who is ASSUMED to be English, in the American sitcom ‘Rules Of Engagement’ – India VIA Africa)”

You can find the Parky/Diana upload at…


2 Responses to “Damien on… Cuff-Shooters And Dames”

  1. Yea, verily, it is sad, forsooth. Regional British TV soaps got the rot going big-time I figure. As to my accent, when I get excited, I transfigure into Mid-Atlantic from 1950s teenage listening to AFN and singing along with Guy Mitchell, Frankie Lymon, and Elvis Presley. Then I slither backwards into oik again.

  2. My accent (Suffolk) disappeared YEARS ago – I don’t know WHAT it is now!

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