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Damien on… Frivolous Lawsuits

…have always ABOUNDED in the American Injustice System. But the latest is a doozy.

It will be brought against IMDb (the Internet Movie Database) by actress, Huang Huong – who intends to take a bunch of other actors and actresses along with her, for the ride.

They will include Jason Cermak, Camille Solari, Stacey Newsome, Joan McCall, Jill Virnig, Mark Anthony Nacarato, Mitchell Fink, Micah Ballinger and Scott Cohen.

Ever heard of ANY of them? Me neither.

So what terrible thing did IMDb DO to these people, to incur their displeasure? Well – it included their AGES in their bios.

Huang claims IMDb’s revelation of her age (she currently has NO listing in IMDb – or Wiki – but going by her picture in “The Hollywood Reporter” she appears to be in her early twenties) has caused her to see a therapist.

She further claims to have suffered from anxiety and sleep loss as a result of IMDb’s persecution.

Apparently, one judge has already dismissed her claims as absurd, but this has not stopped what is now becoming a media circus.

THIS reporter would like to see her fall on her exquisite ARSE over this one.

Of COURSE she would be entitled to sue if IMDb had revealed her sexual orientation, medical records, psychiatric history or similar PERSONAL details – even celebrities are entitled to their privacy.

But those rights do NOT extend to a person’s HEIGHT, WEIGHT or AGE. These are just basic FACTS.

If America’s legendary legal insanity allows this bimbo (along with her fellow unknowns) to WIN her case, it will set a LUDICROUS precedent.

Sure, one can ATTEMPT to hide one’s basic details if one prefers – like Hollywood’s publicity departments did for ALL of their stars, back in the days of the Studio System. But to back that up with LEGISLATION is ridiculous.

Doris Day’s real name is Kappelhoff, her ancestors were German and I am sure she would not mind ANYONE reporting those facts.

But then again – she is FAMOUS.


4 Responses to “Damien on… Frivolous Lawsuits”

  1. Doris Day is still alive? Good for her! I suppose you are correct, but to divulge a lady’s age IS a BIT inconsiderate of IMDb, IMHO.

  2. She’s still going, at 88. When a teen, her dog got run over by a car. Thus for YEARS now (having retired from The Biz in the ’70s) she has devoted her time to animal welfare. I like that.

    Regarding ladies’ ages: that’s only GOOD MANNERS – you can’t legislate THAT!

  3. actually, she subpoena’d those actors in an attempt to compel (legally force) them to testify. that does not mean they were part of the case. and, fyi, none of them opted to testify. this was her case, and her case only.

  4. Thanks for that. I am pleased to hear she failed to drag others into this silly thing!

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