The World According To Damien
in a World gone mad – one sane voice emerges…

Damien on… Life Is What It Is…

…you either go through it with your head held high – or hung low.

So sayeth the prophet (actually, it was my Zen alter-ego, Cornelius, in “Random Thoughts” – but he said a mouthful).

You see, in This Life, you will encounter good luck and bad – in EQUAL MEASURES.

But how you choose to DEAL with this inevitability will determine whether you are a WINNER or LOSER.

A run of BAD luck (and in a life filled with happenings, it would be a statistical anomaly if such runs did NOT occur) can easily convince you that you are CURSED – while a run of GOOD luck tends to go unnoticed.

This is in the nature of man’s thinking. For example…

I HATE Thailand: it is muggy, has poisonous snakes and scorpions, is cursed by TERMINAL bureaucracy, its roads are populated by bike-riders who have no IDEA what they are doing and its people are obsessed with money, commercially clueless and treat their animals atrociously.

I LOVE Thailand: the sun shines most days, it has cute geckos, the cops do not constantly pester motorists, there is no road rage or jealousy, its people have a high threshold of boredom and are optimistic TRIERS, furthermore they are always happy and will help you whenever they can.

So which of these statements is true? Answer: BOTH of them.

Like ALL countries and peoples, the Thais have their good points and bad. And points that some outsiders will view as bad – others will view as GOOD.

Thus it can be seen that in all of Life, you will encounter a MIX of good and bad. It is how you FOCUS on these things that decides how you will SEE them.

Dwell solely on your life’s NEGATIVE aspects and you will convince yourself that you are a loser. On the other hand, only fixate on your good fortune and you will go round with a sickening, permanent smile – and drive all around you CRAZY.

But the fact is, neither of these extremes is desirable – what you need is BALANCE.

You must accept that no matter HOW carefully you plan things, the perfidy of Fate will inevitably capsize SOME of them. But remember that on the other hand, for every affair that goes straight down the dumper – Fate will make something work right that you had not even considered.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” – so said Mr Lennon. And of course, he was right. And ACCEPTING that fact will enable you to relate POSITIVELY to This Experience.

So once in a while, step OUTSIDE of yourself – look at the WIDE picture. THEN see your life for what it is: a complex conglomeration of possibilities, decisions and results – foreseeable and otherwise.

And you will discover that those results are divided EVENLY between what can reasonably be termed fortunate and unfortunate. 

But remember, luck – even the GOOD kind – will only take you so far in This Place. If what you see is a life you have driven down a BLIND ALLEY, then you will have to reverse and change DIRECTION.

However, do not panic – there is an unending supply of alternatives and only if you carry your baggage and preconceptions with you, will you fail to take advantage of them.

You only get ONE SHOT at This Existence. Therefore, you owe it to yourself to make the BEST of it.

Ultimately, life IS simply what it is: neutral, an empty canvas.

What you choose to fill it with is entirely down to YOU. Blaming FATE for your unwillingness to explore Life’s Rich Pageant is like blaming the waiter, if you order the wrong meal.

So right NOW: step BACK from your life, look at ALL of its intricate convolutions – and the results of same. Are you HAPPY? If not, WHY not? What could YOU do to improve it – or even REBOOT it?

Got it? Then DO IT!!!


2 Responses to “Damien on… Life Is What It Is…”

  1. You should have told me all this in 1951 when I became 11 and I would have refused to go to Sunday School any more. I would have nagged my parents to shift our asses down to Cornwall and into a centrally heated house. Sadly, you were not born then.

  2. I know what you mean. I nearly DIED in ’57, thanks to living in a house with no central heating, double-glazing, indoor bathroom, cavity-wall insulation – even loft insulation. And in them days, piles of wool and cotton was thought to insulate BODIES (WRONG – you need MAN-made fibres).

    My abiding memories of my first six years In This Place (before we moved to The New House) was feeling COLD all the damn time…

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