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Damien on… “Majoritarily”

Sometimes, you just have to SMILE at America’s efforts to “re-invent” the English language.

The latest example I saw was the titular “majoritarily”.

Of course, they mean “mostly” – but what a sweet, nonsensical word!

(Which WordPress’ SpellChecker unsurprisingly REJECTS).


2 Responses to “Damien on… “Majoritarily””

  1. Agreed on this one. I ought to note down the ones that I come across and send them to you so that you could add them to your list.

  2. I looked this up on the Interweb – and it’s trickier than I thought.

    There are words like “refudiate”, “chillax” and “gription” – but they are just “mash-up” words.

    Then you have words like “bachelorette” – but they are just WRONG.

    Plus there are obscure words like “empower” that are actually legitimate words.

    To qualify for the list, the words have to be words that are etymologically legitimate – but do not actually exist.

    In these columns, I have used several words I thought SHOULD exist – but didn’t! I would highlight them by putting (in brackets) “…it’s a word!”

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