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Damien on… The “The Alan Partridge Movie” Film

…is currently filming in Norfolk’s legendary Jewel Of The North…

Cromer (don’t ask).

Despite having appeared in a fair number of feature films – including some as the lead – Steve Coogan has never really made the grade in the cinema.

His only significant award nod (he didn’t get it) was for “The Parole Officer” – a fairly good British film which would probably have done better IN Britain had it been called The PROBATION Officer.

It was appropriate to call it The Parole Officer in AMERICA – but it appears the producers forgot films ARE ALLOWED to have different English-language titles on opposite sides of The Pond: like “The Hot Rock” being anglicised to “How To Steal A Diamond In Four Uneasy Stages” f’rinstance.

Although that is a bad example: the producers apparently assumed we Brits would not understand that “hot” is US slang for stolen – and likewise “rock” for gemstone.

Oh, yes: and we do not get “guy” or “chick” out of context, either.

And none of us have EVER read a Donald E Westlake book.


The irony is, the film did NOTHING in America, anyway.

And even before filming is finished, I can assure the producers of “The Alan Partridge Movie” that THEIR effort will do little better.

They might as well call it: The Alan Partridge FILM.

For more on this, hit…


2 Responses to “Damien on… The “The Alan Partridge Movie” Film”

  1. I have a vague image in my head of some grotty-looking bloke in response to reading the name Alan Partridge. I am an expert on grotty looks, helped by my glances in the mirror on the wall. I always use the term ‘movie’ because a film could be stuff to wrap your sarnies in. We all know what a moving picture story is. The term ‘movie’ evokes a nostalgic picture in my mind of the days when my mother (1908-1974) and father (1896-1984) went around in funny black and white togs, in a jerky walk, bless their hearts. They thought they were being really modern and fashionable.

  2. Yeah, I use the term “movie” as well. One can hardly ignore the contribution Hollywood/America has made to the art-form.

    I have to say this piece was written with my tongue firmly in my cheek – feigning classic British anti-Americanism!

    My defence being the producers’ misguided and ultimately futile attempt to toady to the US by making a nonsense of the title of what was not a bad British film – and in the process DAMAGING the film in Britain – apparently, the only country where it made ANY money.

    And I finished by pointing out that being TOTALLY British in content – the new film would sadly probably fare as badly as “The Boat That Rocked”.

    Even the Carry-Ons barely made a profit – despite their HUGE success in Blighty – and the monumental stingyness of their producer.

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