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Damien on… The Chubby Checker “App”

Sometimes you just HAVE to laugh.

It seems a company called “HP” (nothing to do with the sauce – although they SOUND pretty saucy) designed an “app” (short for application: programmes you can load onto your “smart” phone to enable you to do things like take a picture of someone – then hit a button and watch their face acquire werewolf hair and teeth) called the “Chubby Checker”.

Using said app, you would take a picture of a man’s feet – and it would tell you the length of his schlong (in my case, UK: 10/US: 10.5/Eur: 44 = 7″/17.8cm – make of that what you will).

But the King Of The Twist – THE Chubby Checker – is still alive and active at 71. And he did NOT see the funny – nay, HILARIOUS – side at all. So he is SUING – for half a (short, American) billion bucks!

How much he will score remains to be seen. But if the case becomes a cause célèbre, it will provide more laughs than Anthony Weiner, Hugh Grant and Jimmy Swaggart combined.

The “Chubby Checker” indeed. Haaw-haaw-HAAAAAWW!!!



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