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Damien on… Long Faces In Britain


I hear HORSE-meat has begun turning up in British burgers, lasagna, pasties, etc.

Where does one begin?

“I’ll have a Mr Ed-burger.”

“What a nightmare.”

“My kingdom for a McDonalds.”

“Stop your nagging.”

“The last time I ate horse-meat, it gave me the trots.”

“I just shouted at a Burger King assistant – now I’m a little hoarse.”

“Maybe Gallup should do a poll on this.”

“This’ll stirrup trouble.”

“I just finished a lasagna – it gave me neigh problems.”

“Don’t saddle me with this food.”

“What’s the mane course?”

There are a million of these…


2 Responses to “Damien on… Long Faces In Britain”

  1. Very good! Couldn’t have thought of any better ones myself!

    In view of the newsworthyness of the story I wonder if any of the “red top” UK tabloids would be interested in a steamy tale of exactly which dishes “The Horse(‘s) Meat” might have been inserted into since about 1970!


  2. I can’t imagine. Canter-magine? No, I’m hitting bottom now…

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