The World According To Damien
in a World gone mad – one sane voice emerges…

Damien on… “In A World Where The Absurd Is Now Commonplace”

If proof were needed that the subtitle of this column is apt – trust the POLICE to supply it.

It appears the Lancashire force received a call that a drunk was wandering around with a samurai sword. They sent one of their finest to investigate.

The officer found his man and nailed him with his police-issue Taser.

Unfortunately… the Tased man turned out to be a BLIND man on his way to the pub – and the “sword” was the man’s WHITE CANE.

The police have subsequently taken away the officer’s Taser and the blind man – a two-time stroke-sufferer – is suing.

In a World where a woman gets over a hundred grand ’cause her workmates call her “massive cleavage” – and another gets a seven-figure sum from McDonalds, ’cause she burns her lips on a hot cup of McCoffee – this writer hopes the Tased blind man gets a MINT from the Keystone… sorry, Lancashire Kops.

On the bright side, at least the blind man lived in ENGLAND. If he had lived in America – he would be DEAD now.


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