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Damien on… Problems With Acronyms

An organisation is currently protesting the use of a Buddha statuette used “creatively” by Maxim magazine. Half-naked ladies posing with its sacred icon does not sit well with said organisation – the National Office of Buddhism.

I’m adding NOTHING…


2 Responses to “Damien on… Problems With Acronyms”

  1. Er… it is very noble of you to add nothing… OK, I am just trying to compose an intelligent response here… Oh yes: Once, when I was a tiny lad in short pants, just after the war, my Daddy arrived home after work and saw me sitting in Mammy’s sewing chair by the Yorkist range, and said “little knee-knobs” as he patted my knees, bless the dear man. (I think this Comment might need serious moderation… )

  2. LOL! Oh I think we’ll just give Daddy the benefit of the doubt. Britain has some bizarre regional expressions – like in Carlisle, they call spots on the face “plooks” (although, since I’ve never seen the word spelled, it might be “plukes” – personally, I prefer the former spelling – either way, it’s a GREAT word!)

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