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Damien on… William Hague’s Statement On Ecuador’s Decision On Julian Assange’s Political Asylum – With Subtitles

Aging foetus, the Right Honorable William Jefferson Hague: “We have no arrangement with the United States [WE’RE AMERICA’S BITCH – THAT’S NOT AN “ARRANGEMENT”]. This is the United Kingdom fulfilling its obligations under the Extradition Act to Sweden, a close partner in so many ways [WELL, I LOVED ABBA ANYWAY], a fellow democracy [TEE-HEE!] in the European Union.

“It is as simple as that. Therefore to us it is a simple matter of carrying out our law but, as well as being simple [I MUST STOP SAYING SIMPLE – IT’S MAKING ME SOUND BLOODY SIMPLE], it is something we must do. We absolutely must fulfil our obligations under the Extradition Act. Therefore, we are determined to do so and we remain determined to do so [SHIT! I’M DOING IT AGAIN] despite the regrettable announcement that Ecuador has made today.

“There is no threat here to storm an embassy. [ARE YOU KIDDING ME? GO TO WAR WITH ECUADOR? BENNY THE POPE WOULD HAVE A FIT]

“We will not allow Mr Assange safe passage out of the United Kingdom [LET’S SEE HOW THE BASTARD LIKES CASSAVA EVERY DAMN DAY] nor is there any legal basis for us to do so.” [THAT MILF, TERRI MAY, CAN FOOT THE BILL FOR THE COPS GUARDING THE EMBASSY – HMM, I WONDER IF SHE’D…]


2 Responses to “Damien on… William Hague’s Statement On Ecuador’s Decision On Julian Assange’s Political Asylum – With Subtitles”

  1. I loved Julian until I heard he pushed himself upon ladies. Is it true or exaggerated? I support him (after a lot of doubt at first) on Wiki leaks.

  2. Specific info on the “crimes” of Mr Assange has been somewhat vague (given the matter is sort-of sub judice) – however, reading between the lines, I have formed the opinion that Julian’s acts would never even have reached a COURT, pre-PC. Like; one charge relates to a woman he was IN BED with, whom Julian entered without wearing a condom, as she half-slept. This is NONSENSE!

    Furthermore, there is a suggestion that the matter was going to be dropped anyway, before someone revived it after the Wikileaks business had hotted up.

    In short, the whole thing stinks – and I for one am delighted that Ecuador is EMBARRASSING the British government in the way they are.

    I hear that Julian CHOSE that country as he had established a friendly relationship with some of its chiefs, when he had interviewed them over their county’s civil rights issues.

    And now the other South American nations are closing ranks. Could that have anything to do with British cops getting away with murdering a Brazilian plumber? And then there are those islands in the South Atlantic…

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