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Damien on… Stereotypes

These days, you have to be SO careful when talking of the qualities that make us who we are. It is fine when one talks about individuals – but try talking about the characteristics of an entire RACE and you are immediately likened to Hitler. Case in point…

I recently slipped the words, “Thai women make farang [Western] women look like men” into a piece on an ex-pat website – and as expected, it was immediately picked up! One guy even claimed I could not “get” a good-looking woman back in the UK.

I responded with the following:

“These days, if you highlight a genetic quality in a race you immediately get branded a Nazi and a racist. But the simple fact is that different races DO possess different qualities. Of course, everybody is an individual – and no person is “better” than any other, based on race or anything else.

“It is simply a fact that ON AVERAGE, Korean kids outperform their American counterparts, West Africans can run the pants off European Men – and Thai women are more beautiful than Western women.

“I am reminded of the story of how in Heaven, the French are the chefs, the Italians are the lovers, the British are the police, the Germans are the mechanics and the Swiss make sure everything runs on time – whereas in Hell, The British are the chefs, the Swiss are the lovers, the Germans are the police, the French are the mechanics and the Italians try to make everything run on time.

“Oh and for the record, my last girlfriend in the UK – before I escaped here – was 19 and by UK standards, GORGEOUS.” I could also have mentioned she was black – but not being a racist, I had forgotten that detail.

Racism is about HATE – while the identification of stereotypical qualities is mere commonsense. We ALL have them – and they are not SOLELY based on our race. They also include our sex, sexual orientation, age, IQ, socio-economic background (what used to be called “class”) – and our tastes, hobbies, habits and interests. Even the job we do. These things and more DEFINE who we ARE.

And an understanding of these qualities helps promote the understanding of our fellow Earth-inhabitants.

Which might one day lead to World Peace. Now, is THAT hate?


One Response to “Damien on… Stereotypes”

  1. I like your blog Damien, and I agree with your outlook on life, but I don’t think Mr Coe or Mr Ovett would agree with you on some points unless you’re speaking about the present. Ah, the memories of yesteryear. All the best to you, Damien.

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