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Damien on… God Of The Gaps

…appears to be the Christians’ last desperate effort to try to win over the Agnostics. But it is deeply flawed.

Put baldly, “God Of The Gaps” is the belief that where there are gaps in scientific knowledge – there lies God.

However, it just does not fly. Of COURSE there are gaps in scientific knowledge. Many questions are unanswered – but that does not mean that they are unanswerABLE.

I have knowledge of Ipswich, Felixstowe and Woodbridge – but know nothing of Saxmundham. This is not because the town only appears every one hundred years (see Brigadoon) – rather, I have simply never BEEN there.

People need to COMMIT to a belief system. Either you believe in myths, religions and superstitions – or you believe in SCIENCE. You cannot have BOTH.

And to try to squeeze a religion into the GAPS in scientific knowledge is folly. The answers are THERE – we just have not FOUND them yet.

F’rinstance, it is now theorised that evolution happens quite quickly, in cosmic terms. Like, a species may exist relatively unchanged for tens of millions of years. But then, due to a major event – a tsunami, an earthquake, asteroid strike or massive volcanic eruption – the conditions for that animal may change.

When that occurs, it and other animals close to it in the food chain will be forced to adapt to the new conditions. Thus Natural Selection will come into play – and a species might evolve RADICALLY in just a few generations. Perhaps a mere century.

And if one does the maths, it doesn’t take long to realize that the number of “transitional” skeletons around will be one in a MILLION of those for the pre- and post-transitional variants.

Therefore, if only a few DOZEN examples of an ancient species have been dug up – the chances one of them was a tranny is infinitesimally tiny. But that does not mean they are not DOWN there. We have just not been lucky yet. And until we are, there will be a GAP in scientific knowledge.

So forget about trying to plug up the gaps in scientific knowledge with a DEITY – just keep on digging!


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