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Damien on… “Airport ’79/’80/The Concorde”

…was the fourth and LAST of the “Airport” franchise, made just before “Airplane!” finished off the genre (Hollywood invariably spoofs a genre to complete it). And it was RISIBLE.

George Kennedy’s character, Joe Patroni was DEMOTED from a chief engineer to a lowly pilot – and the film contained more cockups and impracticalities than you could shake a traffic paddle at. For a list of twenty-one of them, checkout “goofs” for the film, on IMDb.

After early audiences fell about laughing, the production company hastily re-advertised the film as a COMEDY – but it was not funny enough for that, either.

Despite the success of the previous Airport outings, the film was not released in the UK for a year – thus forcing it to be retitled from “Airport ’79” to “Airport ’80”.

And when it eventually aired on television, around twenty minutes of footage deleted from the theatrical release was restored, in a vain attempt to “flesh out” the film.

But the final degradation was the Concorde used for the film was the very same one that eventually CRASHED outside Paris, killing all on board – and several more on the ground – thus effectively killing off the whole fleet. And supersonic air travel, to boot.


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