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Damien on… Cruelty To Animals

We have all heard about live cats being thrown into boiling water and eaten, in certain parts of China. And the treatment meted out to dogs in certain areas of Korea.

And the River Of Blood “ceremony” (holocaust would be a better word) in Japan – where hundreds of dolphins are corralled into a river, then stabbed to death in a frenzy by “fishermen” (dolphins, as any moron knows, are not fish – but highly intelligent MAMMALS).

And yet this slaughter persists, year after year, in a World that we THINK of as “civilized”.

Look, I am a meat-eater, okay? So I eat bits of CATTLE – which are bred for the purpose and humanely killed. They are NOT self-aware – despite people calling them “Daisy”.

But cats and dogs – which are VERY self-aware – were bred by us as COMPANIONS. They RELY on us to treat them properly.

And while dolphins are WILD animals, they are JUST as intelligent as cats and dogs. We should NOT be eating FLIPPER.

However, recently I have noticed how our species seems to have TOTALLY given up at any pretence of caring for the other species who inhabit our planet.

Two horribly similar cases in point: a while back, I saw a video on YouTube of a bat, that had fallen into a toilet bowl. And what did the person who discovered it do? Ran off to fetch their camcorder – so they could post the result on YouTube.

At no point, did the arsehole think of fishing the poor creature OUT.

If they had been afraid of catching rabies (highly unlikely, I have handled a number of bats and none have ever bitten ME) they could have used a utensil – like a small pot, or large spoon.

And today, on BBC News, I saw some silly cow continue driving, while a snake slid back and forth across her car’s bonnet. Her schmuck of a husband immediately grabbed their camcorder…

Again, at no point did they consider SLOWING DOWN, to allow the creature to get OFF.

Eventually, the snake FELL off – but given the car was still zooming down the middle lane of a freeway, it is highly unlikely it survived the experience (snakes, most of which are not even poisonous, are DELICATE creatures – they BREAK EASILY).

But the thing that got me, in both of these cases, was the CASUAL DISREGARD for these animals’ suffering. Is this where we ARE now?

Well, not ME. For instance, Geckos are definitely NOT self-aware, but when I find one in the house, I pop a glass over them – slide a sheet of paper under it – and release them outside. Not because I do not welcome them in my house – but simply to save them getting squished behind a door, or nailed by my CAT (who knows no better).

I do this because I CARE about animals – ANY animals.

I am CIVILISED. And while humankind continues their casual dismissal of their fellow Earth-inhabitants – they will NEVER be so.


4 Responses to “Damien on… Cruelty To Animals”

  1. The first lesson at Knavesmire Primary School, when I joined just after World War 2, was how the Union Flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, was put together from the Cross of saint George of England, the Cross of Saint Andrew of Scotland, and the Cross of Saint Patrick of Scotland.

    The next thing I remember, amongst the ABC and the Adding-Up and Taking-Away, was the explanation of what the Animal Defenders League was. We could have a badge and become animal defenders. We learned about what the RSPCA did. I do not know whether five-year-olds are still taught patriotism and kindness to animals, at school. I doubt it.

    I DO KNOW what they are taught at home by the content of movies, video games, and television that is allowed now that freedom of speech and thought is PERVERSELY MISINTERPRETED, by INTELLECTUAL-AND-MORAL-PERVERTS for profit, as “ANYTHING GOES”. The media teach that it is normal and fun to be cruel, to hit people in the face, and to be just plain violent period. Also, they are taught that the weak are despicable, and that it is right to attack them without mercy.

    This new culture is the product of loony-Left fascists who, in their ignorance and moronic self-righteousness, betray true social-ist principles, acting in perverse league with capitalist media investors of the vile kind who know well what will sell, and their psycho-sexually dysfunctional writers and producers in the visual entertainments media, who swan away with the wealth produced by the poisoning of once hope-filled Western culture.

  2. I agree with pretty much all you say: except the extreme RIGHT, with their desire for all citizens to bear arms – lead by Calamity Jane On Acid (Ms Palin) who apparently enjoys blasting away at anything that moves – is at LEAST as guilty as anyone on the LEFT.

    However, I don’t see the problem as being ENDEMIC to ANY political leaning – rather, to be UNIVERSAL these days. It’s a bloody MIND-SET.

    As for our media: it’s the old question – does it REFLECT the ills in our society? Or does it NURTURE them? I’ll be f***ed if I know…

  3. OF COURSE it nurtures them. “We only REFLECT…” is an excuse made by morally-deprived, depraved perverts who churn out violence because it PAYS (it is also EASY to do, requiring meagre talent). As a bonus, it gets the writers, producers, and directors, a hard-on. Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. Do not mess with mister in between. The REAL talent makes a positive product that is also twee-free.

  4. Since I wrote this piece, a story popped up here in Thailand. It concerned the arrest (and quick bail) of a trucker with a flat-bed truck (he didn’t even try to HIDE his cargo) loaded with a pile of dirty, battered wire cages filled with well over a THOUSAND dogs – bound for dinner tables in Vietnam. Many were dead and dying.

    It turns out that in the poor North East, “traders” either pick them up off the street (don’t get me STARTED on the subject of “soi dogs” – soi means street) or offer people cheap plastic buckets and the like for their animals. Thais don’t eat them, but plenty of nearby counties natives DO.

    The accompanying picture was shocking. Unfortunately, it was not possible to download it – or I would have added it to the above piece.

    I have a cat and, now, TWO dogs. The cat and first dog were strays I rescued – and the second dog I BOUGHT from a neighbour, as a companion for the first (she fell in love with our Jasper and so we allowed her to visit him, in our garden. But as she had not been “fixed”, I purchased her so we could arrange it – and make her stay PERMANENT).

    And thus I FEEL for dogs and cats, but live in an area of the planet where hundreds of thousands are routinely ABUSED – and I can’t do a DAMN THING about it. Just care for MY little bit of the World…

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