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Damien on… It Makes Me Loose It

Loose: adjective – not tight.

Lose: verb – mislay.

Now, how hard was THAT?

Yet of all the written mistakes one sees nowadays, TRANSPOSING these two simple words appears to be the most popular – it is almost FASHIONABLE.

It is not even a GRAMMATICAL error – just a COCK-UP.

THOUSANDS of times, one has seen this stupid mistake made – including by people who SHOULD have known better.


I blame it on lose values.


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Footnote: now WORDPRESS is TAKING THE PISS! Its SpellChecker RED-UNDERLINED “lose” in the above sentence and when I clicked on it, it suggested – “loose”.


I actually found myself CHECKING on Wordweb – just to make sure I had not LOST MY MIND!!!


One Response to “Damien on… It Makes Me Loose It”

  1. Another error, committed by people on TV that you would suppose needed to be well educated to have won their good jobs, involves ‘bought’ instead of ‘brought’. If you buy something, you bought it. If you bring something, you brought it.

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