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Damien on… “Serious” Rape

Oh dear, Ken Clarke has got himself in hot water again – for declaring there are various “degrees” of rape.

And thanks to the injustices of the past having been smothered by Political Correctness – resulting in the pendulum swinging TOO FAR, creating INVERSE injustices – there are plenty of people ready to call for his HEAD.

But is this fair? NO.

Granted, there is no such thing as COMEDY rape – unless you include the prostitute who, when a punter’s cheque bounced, said, “Damn, I just got raped again.”

But OF COURSE there are degrees of rape.

If a person jumps out of some bushes and drags a jogger into them and puts a knife to their throat and forces them to have SEX with them, then that is full-on, throw-away-the-key RAPE.

But that rarely happens.

Mostly, people get raped by someone they know.

The classic is date-rape. In the past, if a woman entered a man’s abode “unaccompanied” – she was deemed to be automatically making herself “available” to him.

And this is still true today – in PRIMITIVE societies.

But in the West, we have moved on. A woman is not available to a man until she gets into BED with him – or at least, gets her kit off. Even then, they could simply be sleeping together – LITERALLY.

However, this is where lines become blurred.

The monster in the bushes is one thing – but what about the man who is in bed with a woman, with the act in PROGRESS – and just as he is about to climax, she panics and says stop – and he does not?

And then comes the whole question of where seduction ends – and coercion begins.

But where things become a TOTAL mess is “rape within marriage” – or a relationship.

Pre-PC, rape within marriage was simply not considered. It was known that some relationships were based on dominant/submissive role-playing – and that was a game the cops did NOT want to become a part of.

Indeed, unless a woman presented with MAJOR injuries, the cops did not want to know – and even then, they were only concerned with PHYSICAL assault, not sexual.

And one can understand their point. If a man and woman are in a RELATIONSHIP, rape alone should NOT be considered. Things have come to a pretty poor pass if men and women need to take their LAWYERS to bed with them, every time they are contemplating making love.

However, there is an exception to this. If a woman has called an END to a relationship and the man comes AFTER her and forces himself on her, that IS rape – even though they have been intimate before.

But the cops need to make DAMN SURE she really HAS ended the relationship – and not just had an argument with her husband.

Recently, Julian Assange was reported for rape. And while this writer was not THERE when the acts in question took place – the reports he has read suggest that Assange’s case definitely falls into the “non-serious” category.

So while this writer never thought he would find himself agreeing on ANYTHING with Ken Clarke – on this occasion he has to concur.

Political Correctness was invented to stop serious injustices – like racial bigotry, child abuse and rape – things which, in less enlightened times, were generally swept under the carpet.

But as that pendulum swung, it created a whole slew of NEW problems. Therefore, as is generally the case with these things, a little MODERATION is needed.

As a crime, rape carries a variety of penalties – including LIFE IMPRISONMENT – hardly a fitting punishment for a date that went a bit too far.

And justice systems are far from an exact science – particularly in America.

So while a human being MUST have the right to say NO to a sexual encounter – and there need to be legal penalties to REINFORCE that right – we need to be VERY careful when APPLYING them.


2 Responses to “Damien on… “Serious” Rape”

  1. A very well detailed summing up of the problem. What must happen is for science to eliminate sexual desire from the human species and undertake the conception and so on in the clinic.

  2. Ouch! Captain Cucumber does not agree…

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