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Damien on… The American Injustice System

These are direct quotes from CNN…

[following the completion of her trial for nicking a necklace] “Lindsay Lohan must report to jail by June 17, to begin serving a 120-day sentence…”

So – four months in an orange suit. That’s tough.

“Because of budget constraints…non-violent offenders…get 20% of their sentence.”

Oh – so she will only have to serve 24 days, then. A little over three weeks.

“Early release formulas…will likely reduce the sentence to about 14 days in jail.”

Two weeks. Still, at least the short, sharp shock in The Grey Bar Hotel will teach her a lesson.

“Lohan likely qualifies to serve her sentence in home confinement, instead of a jail cell…”

WHAT??? You mean she’s just GROUNDED for two weeks??

If I ever get a jail sentence – I hope I am living in Los Angeles.


3 Responses to “Damien on… The American Injustice System”

  1. Sounds good to me. Tony Paul made the same point this morning on Radio Caroline. But he mentioned the electronic bangle that she has to wear. He finished by saying so: you steal a necklace and they give you a bracelet? Lady Barnett had the same problem of a sudden impulse after all those years on Any Questions. Was it in Marks and Spencers or Sainsburys?

  2. I SEEM to recall it was just a corner shop. The woman who ran the place said customers SPAT on her after she preferred charges.

    Our headmaster, Ken, was always going on about Lady B for some reason. I imagine he stopped after her bust (so to speak).

    Little Alfie may remember more…

    [UPDATE] I now learn that it WAS a corner shop – specifically, a “village grocer”. And she got busted for nicking a can of tuna and a carton of cream worth 87p. But if memory serves, the manageress defended herself by saying Isobel had REGULARLY shoplifted there – and she had got sick of it.

    Isobel had a strange life. She was not an aristocrat. She was born into a middle-class family in Aberdeen and had married a company director who got knighted.

    In the Forties, she qualified as a doctor, but became a JP in the Fifties – a post she held for twenty years. But of course, she was more popularly known for her appearances on posh panel games – like Any Questions? and What’s My Line?

    However in the Sixties, her style went out of fashion and she faded from public life. Then, in 1970, her husband died and she became something of an eccentric and a recluse.

    Then, in 1980, came her return to the spotlight. She was very cheerful about the whole thing. It should have spelled a resurgence for her – but it seems her upbringing prevailed. She committed suicide in her bath (presumably by slashing her wrists) just four days later.

  3. I never knew the bit about Isobel’s having shop-lifted for years. What a jerk! Courageous way to clock out though.

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