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Damien on… Sex, American Style

Yanks always reckon the British are a bunch of stiffs (so to speak) when it comes to sex.

This despite the fact that prostitution is LEGAL in Britain – whereas in The States, you get BUSTED for it. And in Britain, you can do it at sixteen – whereas in many U.S. States, you have to wait until you are an absurd EIGHTEEN.

Well now along comes a statistic which, if it is to be believed, goes even FURTHER to destroy the Yanks’ assumptions. Apparently, the average American woman can expect to have just THREE sexual partners in a lifetime, while the average American man can expect only FIVE.

Now, quite apart from this appearing to suggest that TWO of those guys will be having sex with EACH OTHER – is the fact that statistically, a BRITISH man – and WOMAN – can expect to get through FIFTEEN TO TWENTY partners in THEIR lifetime.

As a British man of fifty-eight summers, I myself have been inside one hundred and six women – one hundred and SEVEN, if you include my mother. Let me rephrase that…


One Response to “Damien on… Sex, American Style”

  1. You see, this blank Comment panel mocks me. I have so little experience in the subject. But that has never stopped my yapping before…

    Average, you say? Wait a minute. Is there some cosmic comic who makes one guy shy and another dude, er, er, er, no I cannot find any rhymes -superbly talented? A hero?

    Ah: clued, shrewd, hewed.

    Yes, it is just that some chaps are sensational, superior, stunningly successful. Bravo! Well done! We feel less guilty… It lets us off… We are happy for the dear ladies, bless them

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