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Damien on… Californians: Doing It AGAIN

Californians like to think of themselves as the most ADVANCED people on the planet. Dream on, guys.

In the Sunshine State, sex is illegal until you are eighteen (three years AFTER men hit their sexual peak) prostitution is illegal (you CANNOT eradicate the World’s Oldest Profession) and they (officially) have the death penalty.

But despite these facts, California still see their society as the pinnacle of civilization and value what they see as their freedom.

Yet a few months ago, despite their second-largest city being the Gay Capital Of The World, they voted DOWN same-sex marriage.

And now, despite ALL of the truths about marijuana – AND the fact their state has more stoners than any other – they have voted down the “legalization” of THAT, TOO!

Californians (thanks to their Hollywood) still see the British as bowler-hatted STIFFS – yet in Britain, you can bonk at SIXTEEN (the highest age in Europe) prostitution is LEGAL and we got rid of the death penalty DECADES ago.

And despite its not yet having been de-criminalised in Blighty, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get busted for pot (unless you nick a copper’s STASH).

Therefore BRITAIN is the peak of civilization? Hardly – it is the most RETARDED country in Europe! So where does that leave bloody CALIFORNIA?


3 Responses to “Damien on… Californians: Doing It AGAIN”

  1. These inconsistencies and contradictions never struck me before. Is it like the Dagenham Girls Choir opening for an Aretha Franklin style hot gospel concert? Perhaps not. Just trying to help here…

  2. ……..where does that leave bloody California?

    Still streets ahead of the other 49 uptight, repressed, gun-toting, god-bothering “United” States – that’s where!!


  3. Oh, yes – I’d forgotten how LOW the bar IS over there!

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