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Damien on… Pensions

Governments HATE raising taxes. But when are they going to GROW a pair and TELL PEOPLE that unless they wish to work until they DROP – their pension has to be PAID for?

Then point out that faceless government pukes managing their pension is WAY better than leaving it in the hands of fat-cat businessmen – and that either way, it will always ultimately be the PUBLIC who will have to FUND it.

So come on, political parties; suck it up and come CLEAN. Announce that if elected, you will RAISE taxes – then promise the electorate they can retire at FIFTY.

And if they are still unconvinced, point out that this measure will also ELIMINATE unemployment…


2 Responses to “Damien on… Pensions”

  1. Oh goody! Retire at fifty?

    I think that means they owe me about £45K in back State Pension payments.

    Where do I apply?


  2. I was banking on MY government pension at sixty-five (the French get theirs at sixty) but now HMG is trying to push it back to sixty-six (and the French government are trying to push theirs back to sixty-two) – while the Turkish government are trying to pull theirs FORWARD to FIFTY – but then, they are going BROKE – so it’s a bit like, “We sell new bicycles for five pounds – but we don’t have any right now,” >>> (shop next door) “Our bicycles are fifty pounds and we have plenty – but when we don’t have any, OURS are only five pounds as well.”

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