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Damien on… "Hallmark" TV

I understand Hallmark Cards (“You know you’re getting old and sad – And have lived too many years – When hair stops growing on your head – And starts sprouting out your ears” – like that) own or lend their name to a number of cable and satellite channels, all over the World.

But I can only speak for the Asian version, whose demographic appears to be ageing American bimbos (they run execrable shows with people like Oprah Winfrey, Jane Seymour and Martha Stewart). The thing is, they just changed their name from The Hallmark Channel to – DIVA.

Did they really think that through?


4 Responses to “Damien on… "Hallmark" TV”

  1. OK, without looking in my Collins dictionary, I have to say that DIVA means to me a lady singer who is the centre of attention. I also understand the word can be used pejoratively if the lady causes a bit of trouble. The truth is, I do not really know. And what do Hallmark think it means? You are going to have to explain this one, sorry!

  2. True, the term originally meant “divine (fem.)” and was applied to a prima donna artiste. But like prima donna, the term is often used today to describe a self-obsessed, pompous MORON – which is the way I see the demographic of Hallmark Asia (now “Diva”)!

  3. I once attempted a piece of Hallmark-style “poetry” on a Wedding Anniversary card for the lovely Mrs Alfie as follows:

    Your feet are cold in winter dear
    I find that quite a bummer.
    But they are cold the whole year long
    And keep me cool in summer!

    She wasn’t impressed!


  4. LOL!!!

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