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Damien on… The Funeral Of Ludwig van Beethoven

Vienna, 1827.

As Ludwig lay in his closed casket, those who passed by thought they heard strange musical sounds coming from inside. They reported this to the clergy, who checked it out.

After they had listened to the eerie sounds for a few moments, one of them suddenly straightened and said, “I know what that is – it’s his Fifth Symphony – but the notes are being played BACKWARDS.”

They listened for a while longer. “Yes, that’s his Fourth, now,” said the cleric.

At this point, the officiating minister turned to the congregation and said, “There’s nothing to worry about. The sounds you heard were merely Herr Beethoven – decomposing.”


One Response to “Damien on… The Funeral Of Ludwig van Beethoven”

  1. And for that you should get a damn good Haydn!

    Thanks! Loved it!


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