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Damien on… Double Yolk Eggs

I have written about many things in these columns – most of which I knew a fair bit about. And when I needed extra info or confirmation of something I THOUGHT I knew about, it was all there to be found, on the Interweb.

But now I am going to have a crack (so to speak) at something about which I AND said Interweb know LITTLE – Double Yolk Eggs. Until recently, I had rarely happened upon one of these curios.

The perceived wisdom is that they only occur about one time in a THOUSAND. Indeed, a major British newspaper (well – the Daily Mail) recently ran a STORY about a woman who had bought a carton of six eggs that ALL had double yolks.

They raved that the odds were a million, million million-to-one against.

Well if that were true, the THIRTY double yolk eggs I recently purchased at my local market in Thailand – ALL of which were double yolked – give odds of one in one million, million, million, million, million, million, million, million, million, million, million, million, million, million, million. Or so.

Which would probably equate to all the grains of sand on all the beaches of the World.


No. OUTSIDE of the blurb from the recognised egg authorities lies anecdotal info. It seems that while COMMERCIALLY-PRODUCED eggs only give a double-yolker about once every thousand times – farm produced eggs can be MANIPULATED.

F’rinstance, there is a hatchery in India which SPECIALISES in breeding chickens that produce more than 50% double yolk eggs (100% is no good, as the eggs are not viable – two chicks trying to hatch in one shell would KILL each other).

And someone claimed WAITROSE used to sell them in six-packs, back in the SIXTIES.

Furthermore, another source said “markets in various countries” sell them. The guy who sold me my eggs BOASTED they were all double-yolkers. They are about 50% BIGGER than regular eggs – and cost 50% more. Potato – potato.

The thing is, once you organise your hens to produce a fair percentage of these oddities – they are easy to separate. You only need to shine a light through them to determine the number of yolks. One imagines you can AUTOMATE that. A conveyor belt – light – screen – some electronics – and a sort of “points” affair, to direct doubles one way and singles the other.

Supermarket eggs are unreliable here, so I get MARKET eggs. But even with those, there is always the occasional bad’un, so I float test each one. Thus I can vouch for the FRESHNESS of these giant eggs. Plus they taste GREAT. And as for health issues – I have had NO ill effects from the thirty I have already eaten.

Apart from the second HEAD I am currently growing…

Update: if you want to SEE a double-yolk egg – checkout this…

…and THIS…


5 Responses to “Damien on… Double Yolk Eggs”

  1. I was unaware that I needed to know all this interesting stuff about double-yolk eggs. But, OK, you cannot have too much info. After all, this DubYoEx phenom proves Evolution, if proof were needed, because a supreme creator would NEVER be so SILLY. Oh… now, wait a minute… er…

  2. I have to say it……………Eggshellent piece!

    But I’m worried!
    You’ve eaten 30 double yolked eggs!
    At one go?

    Reminds me of that great old legal question:-

    If you write a contract on the shell of an egg, is it binding?


  3. Ouch! And NO – I didn’t eat them in one go! Over a week or so.

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