The World According To Damien
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Damien on… From Left To Right?

“Show me a young Conservative and I’ll show you a man without a heart. Show me an old Liberal and I’ll show you a man without a head.”

Thus goes the adage – with many variations.

The basic message is that a young person SHOULD be idealistic – but a mature person should have LEARNED from life and be more pragmatic.

In short, Liberal ideals are naïve – while only Conservative ideals are PRACTICAL.

Well – bollocks.

This writer is now fifty-seven – and is as liberal today as he was forty years ago. But someone is trying to tell him otherwise.

A recent theory has emerged which says while all of us ageing Hippies THINK we are still liberal – we have actually embraced many Conservative ideals. As we have matured, the Real World has impinged upon us, causing us – without our KNOWLEDGE – to move to the Right.

They cite personality tests where my generation have been given questionnaires – and our answers have shown many of us have – by stealth – become the very people whom, in our youth, we despised.

Well, this may have happened to SOME of my brothers and sisters – but not to THIS writer.

During these last forty years, I believe I have formed a comprehensive and balanced understanding of what makes this World tick – and it steps to the beat of a LIBERAL drummer.

For sure, Communism doesn’t work – Russia took seventy years to find THAT out.

But nor does Free Enterprise – America is finding that out NOW.

The only system that has ANY chance of saving what is left of our World is LIBERALISM.

And given that it is seen as the MIDDLE, moderate route – it ought to be a lot more POPULAR!


2 Responses to “Damien on… From Left To Right?”

  1. I am forced to muse muchly about this excellent and satisfying piece. I think I am chiming in harmony with 90% of it. I volunteered for the Liberal Democractic Party for three elections spaced over 20 years, stuffing envelopes, but have voted for all three main parties, plus UKIP last time.

    I would probably agree with 100% of the piece, if we could agree on a complete definition of what you mean by the term Liberal and/or liberal.

    Am I shabbily disloyal to my dear West, especially USA, to find it a bit hilarious, and even entertaining, to see the failure (as a touted Complete and Only Answer) of Free Enterprise, as you point out?

  2. Ah! You’ll notice I used the lower-case “L” for the IDEAL and the upper-case one for the PARTY. Sadly, the two are not necessarily the SAME!

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