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Damien on… “Open Carry”

One of the many bizarrities (my word) to be seen in the United States these days is the business of “Open Carry” – namely, the practice of parading (in the UK: poncing) around public places with a FIREARM strapped to your waist.

Apparently, several states are perfectly happy for people to sit in a McDonalds, packing HEAT (in the UK: tooled up). Of course, whoa betide them should they light up a CIGARETTE – that would endanger health.

Anyhoo, the law appears to stem from the idea that only a CONCEALED weapon is likely to be used in a criminal manner.

And this anomaly results in gangs of tubby, middle-aged, shirt-in types with small penises (Republicans to a man) swanking around (no, I said SWANKING – with an ‘S’) looking like The Wild Bunch meets a firm of Independent Financial Advisors.

Last year, one even turned up at one of Barack O’Bama’s “Town Hall” meetings – THAT must have gone down well with the Secret Service. 

But as far as restaurants are concerned, given the choice between a seat next to a SMOKER or one of THOSE guys – I know which I would choose.


8 Responses to “Damien on… “Open Carry””

  1. As a Russian-roots lady member of L5 Society from Tucson said in a letter to me around 1989, Arizona allows you to carry a weapon as long as it is not concealed, and IT MAKES FOR A VERY POLITE SOCIETY! I approve heartily & desire it for UK, as does m’pal Jay.

    She later became an officer in National Space Society in Washington DC after Professor Wernher von Brown’s National Space Institute merged with L5 Society. I recall her declaring that she supported the Empire in “Star Wars” as well as the Tsar. Still no come-back from that quarter.

  2. Well, this is a basic difference between the Left & Right. Having seen what guns can DO – and how STUPID a lot of people ARE – I prefer a World where guns are stamped OUT – the same way cigarettes are being.

    I mean, while fags might kill ME, “second-hand smoke” is BOLLOCKS – my indulgence won’t kill anyone ELSE. But if, over the last forty years, I had been “carrying” – about TEN PEOPLE would now be DEAD!!!

  3. SOME second-hand smoke talk is INDEED loony-Left ballocks. But if one works in a really busy bar such as Palace Long Bar in Union Street, or collects fares on the Dockyard run atop a bus, in 1960s Plymouth, one wonders.

    And when one goes to the pictures as a kid in York in the 1940s, one definitely feels a second-hand effect. It is called a headache and a sore throat. And, as one arrives home with one’s little sister and Mammy, one’s Daddy says “Poo! What a stink of cigarettes!”

    When the air is blue, the TALK is TRUE.

  4. Good point, well made. But you are talking of the PAST. Yes, I TOO am old enough to remember BLUE air in smoking carriages, buses’ top decks, pubs and cafes. But two things have CHANGED since then.

    First – the PERCENTAGE of people wot smoke. Post WW2, it stood at around FIFTY PERCENT – and it remained thus until 1970, whence it began a steady decline that has taken it, currently, to around HALF of that.

    And second – VENTILATION has improved somewhat, over the years.

    But companies whose only interest was saving MONEY (redecoration, cleaning, even fire insurance) EMBRACED smoking bans – and Joe Public got CONNED into thinking even a WHIFF of cigarette smoke was gonna KILL him.

    Fact is, a little CONSIDERATION by government and big business (PROPER smoking areas and decent air conditioning) would mean that the QUARTER of people who smoke would not have to endure ABUSE which – were it directed at any OTHER “minority group” – would result in RIOTING ON THE STREETS.

    Oh, sorry – I said “a little CONSIDERATION by government and big business” – what was I THINKING???

  5. I have only just noticed that clever spelling of whoa instead of woe. Brilliant! The “Whoa!” reaction is used in many movies these days. In SG1 the character O’Neill is fond of using it.

  6. Now you’ve EMBARRASSED me! I have to confess I used the “whoa” in ERROR!! However, my apparent misspelling of desperate in “Disparate Dan” – WAS intentional. So USUALLY I’m being clever – but sadly, not THIS time!

  7. And to think that the whole American gun thing is the result of a TYPING ERROR!

    Just like the one that a long-forgotten monk made when what he wanted to say was that Christian Priests should “CELEBRATE”!!

    What I’m trying to say is that if the clerk who prepared the Second Amendment to the Constitution had spelled it differently they would have invented the T-shirt INSTEAD of the Peacemaker Colt!

    Because then, of course, all Americans would have the right to BARE ARMS!

    No! I’m NOT going to apologise!


  8. Ooh – that was a long trip! Then again, my trip was even LONGER on “A Dad’s Story”! (Cornelius – if you ain’t already seen it).

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