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Damien on… Prohibition

It has been a while since I did some Yank-bashing – so here goes…

America has a saying: “Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on ME.” A clumsy aphorism perhaps, but valid nonetheless.

Which makes one wonder what nitwit came up with the War On Drugs?

I mean, ninety years ago, they tried prohibiting the production, sale and use of alcoholic beverages and where did that get them? Billions of dollars wasted, umpteen people killed and injured, bursting prisons and an empowered organised crime network, that’s where.

After thirteen years, they saw the futility of their actions and REPEALED the stupid law. But did they LEARN from the experience? Of course not.

Fifty years later, they began their War On Drugs. And what has been the result of THAT? See above.

And this time, it is even worse. At least, the last time, they REALISED their folly after thirteen years. But their War On Drugs has been going on for FORTY now – with no end in sight.

Footnote: I hear Sarah Palin says she smoked marijuana – but did not like it. Could it simply be that the marijuana did not like HER?


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