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Damien on… The World Cup

I LIKE footballing. It’s short and quite exciting: how many balls can the footballist kick past the goal attendant?

But I cannot fathom why they have to run around a field for two hours first…


2 Responses to “Damien on… The World Cup”

  1. I too am mystified (actually more like sickened). And apropos silly but energetic games, what are the names of those two English villages where, between periods of their being drafted into war, the young males of each village, all in a mob, and ALL OF THE DAY, fight to get somebody’s ball into the OTHER village? Who keeps the ball, at the end of the day? Who has won?

  2. I sorta vaguely recall the thing. There are a number of those rural one-off contests (cheese-rolling, etc.) and the phenomenon is not limited to Britain (Pamplona’s Running Of The Bulls and that thing where they form a human pyramid – oh, and the messy one with the tomatoes). But to Google something, one needs more than “villages, balls, competition” (anything with balls in it will just get you PORN!) so unless someone ELSE can remember it…?

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