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Damien on… Thai Fags

Thai cigarettes used to be virtually tax-free – thus were a TENTH of the price of those back in Britain. Now they have added some tax – but they are STILL an EIGHTH of the price.

Thus I suppose I can put up with the offensive pictures which cover half the packet on Thai ciggies – but they still annoy me.

Offensive pictures? What of? Nazis? Doggie-do? Portraits of Glenn Beck? No. They feature lurid, full-colour pictures of people who have black, red and purple innards – presumably as a result of smoking.

Serves you right, the anti-smokers would say. It’s educational. You have no RIGHT to be offended. Give UP the dreaded weed.

Hmm. But I wonder how THEY would feel if KFC buckets came with full colour pictures of bloated, morbidly-obese kids on them? Or how about pictures of blood-spattered pedestrian casualties, on the dashboards of their Toyotas?

‘Nuff said.


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