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Damien on… Devious Devices

First came the shoe-bomber: and shortly afterwards, a check-in security device was announced that would blow air up underneath a traveller, to “sniff out” explosives.

Then came the underpants bomber: and another device was announced that would see through travellers’ clothing.

The thing is, these technical devices are generally invented by grown-up NERDS.

And what we have here are essentially: a device that blows a woman’s skirt up – and another which looks suspiciously like those “X-Ray Spex” from times past.

Am I the only one to see a connection here?


2 Responses to “Damien on… Devious Devices”

  1. I guess, Mister Damien, that you are one of the few dudes who are integrated and cross-wired enough in the brain department to make these connections, which then seem obvious to the rest of us. And you may very well be the only one who has actually brought it forth to the attention of the world. Good old cyber-verse.

    Some conspiracy theorist fans are going to say eureka and claim that the odd habit of the Yanks of having grills in the sidewalk to release air-pressure from the subway is all so that the Norma-Jean Bakers of planet Earth, wearing dresses made of fabric that floats easily, can be caught in the breeze.

  2. No, you’re NOT the only one!

    I’m now trying to guess how they might utilise those other mainstays of the advertising section of the American comics I read in my youth:

    “Silly Putty” and the “Joy buzzer”!

    Perhaps we could get in first and make a FORTUNE!


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