The World According To Damien
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Damien on… Satire

People who vote for the party of the Right are either rich – and protecting their interests – or poor – and either eternal optimists or just plain STUPID. Of course, the party of the Right will always INSIST they have the interests of the poor at heart – and if you believe THAT…

While people who vote for the party of the Left are either poor – or DAMN stupid (like “Champagne Socialists”). But since the Left are usually incompetent, they guarantee that despite the fact most people ARE poor – the party of the Right will get in eventually, by DEFAULT.

And this is as it’s always been. Most people stumble through LIFE supporting the Left or the Right.

The only exception to these drones are those whom the pundits call “floating voters”. And only THEY can be “swayed” by satire. Trouble is, they don’t represent a significant percentage of the electorate. Which is why most countries ALLOW satire – it alters NOTHING.

The governments know those who are Right-voters won’t WATCH satire – being almost entirely Left Wing, its exposure of the Right’s inevitable sleaze and corruption will EMBARRASS them. While those who are Left-voters WILL watch it – but don’t NEED the preaching, ’cause they’re already CONVERTED.

And sadly, even those “floating voters” aren’t affected much. During the Eighties, Thatcher’s corrupt, sleazy, piss-takers slowly asset-stripped Britain, while draining BILLIONS from the poor and giving it to the rich. As a result, Britain is now almost FINISHED. Her once-proud Pound is sinking almost as fast as the Zimbabwean Dollar.

Yet, all the way through Thatcher’s Golden Reign (did you see what I did there?) every week, DOZENS of popular TV programmes HAMMERED the Tories, lampooning EVERY grubby move they made – yet every four or five years, the British would vote them back in. More recently, the same happened in America, with George Wan… sorry, WaLker Bush. And yet he STILL got in for a second term.

And did almost as much damage to The States as Thatcher did to Britain.

Tragically, the only purpose served by satire is to give Left-voters something to laugh at, while the party of the Right is busy SCREWING their country.


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