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Damien on… New Job Titles

I think I’ve discovered why Britain’s currency is going the same way as the Zimbabwean Dollar – half her workers do not have REAL JOBS. Case in point…

T’other day, I was watching a standup concert and a performer decided to get the audience involved and asked a number what they did for a living. And while there were the usual butchers, bakers and candle-stick makers – along with plumbers, prostitutes, wheel-tappers and shunters – y’know – REAL jobs – there were a frightening number of occupations that left one wondering what PLANET their workers came from.

Sourcing coordinators, applications analysts, solutions consultants, enterprise visualizers.


In My Day, a standup comedian would be told to go off and get a real job. But standups provide a valuable service – entertainment. And they generate an end-product – laughter. Furthermore, the successful ones make good money.

But what do the pseuds with the bollocks job titles create?

No WONDER Britain’s economy has gone down the crapper. Half her workers are living in La-La-Land!


2 Responses to “Damien on… New Job Titles”

  1. Bravo! Dead on! Absolutely! Good on yer, mate!

  2. Most of the people I’ve ever met who had the word “analyst” in the job title loved it because they were able to snigger over it having “anal” in it!

    Which says a great deal about very many people in (particularly) the IT industry!

    Me? I was just an “IT Technician”.


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