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Damien on… Trance Mix-CDs

After Pop died in 1990, Trance moved in to fill the void. But there was a problem. The thing is – a Pop single has a beginning (intro) a middle (the song) and an end (often just a fade).

But since Trance records were essentially made for DJs to MIX into a SET, they had a “lead-in” (the back-beat the DJ used to synch it to the end of the last piece) the song or instrumental (the bit you heard on the dance-floor) then a lead-OUT – which would run for a short time – into ANOTHER lead-in to a SECOND, alternate mix of the main piece – which then had a second lead-out.

These would be on 12″ 45 rpm vinyl records – for TOP hi-fi (CDs are compressed, which reduces their “live” feel). And you could only obtain them from specialist shops.

Fine for DJs, but a pain for the domestic user. Although when Trance took off as Pop, some of the larger record shops began stocking the discs – with a corner set apart for customers to PLAY them on decks, through headphones (a blast from the past, that – remember when record shops had those little booths? Damn – you must be REALLY old!) and hardcore dancers actually bought the records.

But to play them properly, you needed to be an experienced Trance DJ (which, speaking as an ex-conventional DJ, is a lot harder than it looks, I can tell you). Thus the general public were unimpressed.

Until someone came up with a solution. Taking a leaf out of the “Now…” series of compilation albums, they began releasing professionally-mixed compilations of the latest Anthems on CDs – ironically, the things that had KILLED Pop music in the FIRST place.

But CDs were perfect for this. Not only did they run eighty minutes – but you could also select individual tracks without carving up the record.

Of course, the clubbers HATED these compilation CDs with a PASSION. They saw it as the commercialisation of THEIR music – which of course it was.

But it enabled the masses to enjoy the LAST ORIGINAL and GOOD Pop music that the genre ever produced – and now, is ever LIKELY to…

So if you want to HEAR some good Trance RIGHT NOW, check out my Trance channel on YouTube – it is Channel Five, on my bogroll. Or just hit – – for a sample. You can reach the rest from there.

Oh – and go to the icons at the bottom right of the little screen and click on HQ and fullscreen (the icon to the right of HQ) for the FULL experience!

Plus, for more on Trance – check out the thoughts of my Zen brother, by clicking –


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