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Damien on… Communism Versus Capitalism

Imagine if you were a research chemist and you came up with a pill that would cure cancer (okay, I know that is impractical, but work with me, allright?)

Now if you lived in a Communist state, you would get a pat on the back and a certificate. And that is why Communism does not WORK. There is NO reward for individual effort. Therefore, no incentive to push the envelope – thus, NO innovation. Which is why, until The Collapse, they were still using valves in Russia – and pocket calculators were the size of Volkswagens.

On the other hand, if you were working in America, you would end up living in Bel Air. Which would be great until you discovered that the pharmaceutical giant you had been working for was charging $100 a pop for the pills – that cost 20 cents each to make. Did you REALLY intend for your life’s work to be used to cure only RICH cancer-victims? One hopes not.

Or let us say you were the boss of a supermarket. In the Communist state, you’d receive the same wages as the shelf-fillers. Fair? No.

But in America, you would swan in and park your Merc in your assigned place, go up to your luxurious office, look through the two-way mirror over the store and be king of all you surveyed. Nothing wrong with that, but as you watched those shelf-fillers, you would know they were all working double shifts just to pay the RENT.

The thing is, unchecked, NEITHER of these systems work.

In a Communist country, health care is based on NEED, not ability to PAY – privatised commercialised health care is IMMORAL. Likewise, education is based on ability to USE (exams and the like) – again, not ability to pay. And the better a country’s education system, the better it will do commercially in the Global Village.

But where the hammer-and-sickle boys fall down is with their failure to reward individual effort. And without innovation, you end up with a backward, GREY society.

On the other hand, in America, where everything is governed by MONEY, their corporations will ALWAYS tread all over the little guy. In fact if they are a public company, they are pretty much legally OBLIGED to.

But if you do not treat your workers with respect, they will REVOLT! It is not much use being a supermarket manager if all you are surveying is a derelict store.

Left-wing governments bang on about The Glory Of The State and assume their workers will be happy to give their all for that glory. But those workers eventually tire of watching people in right-wing countries having all the FUN.

While right-wing governments talk about “successful” people – and forget that no system works where everyone is a chief and there are no indians.

The fact is, some are born to be supermarket managers and some are born to fill shelves. BOTH can co-exist and be happy if they are given their DUE. And any system that wants to flourish HAS to recognise that.

Russia DID NOT – and it fell. America DOES NOT – and it’s not looking too good right now.

All of which proves that NEITHER Communism OR Capitalism work. At least, not in their pure forms. The countries that WORK use philosophies that encompass elements of BOTH.

It stands to reason that health-care and education should be paid for by the state. Deny that and you end up with the tragic mess America is in (and the U.K. is fast heading for). This means high taxes – but if you want the security of good health and to see your kids getting taut rite, suck it up!

Furthermore, heavily subsidise transport and you get safe, efficient buses and trains and less vehicles on the road. Which is good for everyone’s physical – and MENTAL – health.

These are the GOOD things about COMMUNISM.

But then, when it comes to consumer goods and technology, give the CAPITALIST system free rein – and innovation will BLOSSOM.

See? It is as simple as that. It is called COMPROMISE. Adhere blindly to one extreme or the other and you are DOOMED. Take the best from ALL the various political systems and your society has a chance.

It is like a car. Take the chassis from a Land-Rover, the engine from a Ferrari, the body from a Rolls-Royce and the furry dice from a Seventies Ford Cortina and you may end up with a funny-looking ride – but it will be UNSTOPPABLE!


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