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Damien on… Mensa

Mensans have no sense of humour (yes, I’m afraid I’m a Mensan – well, lapsed actually – when I came to live in Thailand, continuing my membership became pointless – but they don’t take your IQ back when you stop paying your subs).

I will cite an example. Years before I joined, I acquired a large badge that said “I’m Surrounded By Idiots” – and although it had nothing to DO with Mensa, it just HAPPENED to be in their “corporate colours” of black and gold. So I used to wear it at meetings (in the local pub).

But Mensa have always been terrified of being labeled elitist – or just a bunch of intellectual snobs – so they frowned DEEPLY on my badge!

Like I said – NO sense of humour…


2 Responses to “Damien on… Mensa”

  1. There is (as with most things in life) another valid way of looking at your experience.

    Putting myself in the position of the Mensa members at that meeting I would not have been thinking at all about what the PUBLIC perception of the badge was – I would have been thinking “Does he mean US!” And probably feeling personally pissed off about it.

    Or not, I wasn’t there. (unless it was the Ipswich First Saturday meeting in which case I WAS there last weekend!)


  2. No, this was in the wilds of Herts, Beds and Bucks (which will puzzle the hell out of non-Brits!) I DID once attend a meeting in Ipswich, while visiting m’folks. They were nice chaps (NO women!) and very welcoming – but they ALL had BEARDS! Forget badges – lose those BEARDS!

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