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Damien on… American “Trends”

Okay, now I’ve been doing a lot of Yank-Bashing in these columns, so I’ll make this the LAST – at least for a while. (There are WORSE regimes, after all).

The thing is, In My Day, Americans were COOL. We were even prepared to overlook their excesses when it came to their foreign policy (Vietnam, etc.) ’cause they gave us such cool things – big cars, Hollywood and Rock ‘N’ Roll, to name but three.

Then in the Eighties, it all went horribly wrong. AIDS, The Gulf War and a president who disgraced himself with a chubby intern, to name but another three. And since then – more wars and they elected a monkey as their President – TWICE (okay, once).

And the problem is, whilst Americans have been responsible for Political Correctness, anti-smoking hysteria, rap “music”, security paranoia, a gradual erosion of personal freedom, “reality” TV and now, the collapse of the entire Western economy – for reasons that defeat me, they are IMITATED by every Western country on the planet.

Which means, now – WE’VE GOT IT TOO!

I live in Thailand and all of the above has now made its effect felt HERE.


We could LAUGH when America’s excesses only affected THEM. But like some insidious STD, all of their crap is now permeating OUR lives. When will people learn that being the STRONGEST nation on Earth does not make you the BEST?

(Incidentally, lest I sound TOTALLY down on our Colonial friends, I should mention that the paranoid drama-queens STILL make the best TV dramas and sitcoms on the planet).


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