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Damien on… War

War is… a CON.

It is perpetrated on young, gullible men – and increasingly, women – by OLD men. And those young people are rarely fighting for the causes they THINK they’re fighting for. The REAL causes are always about power and frequently about MONEY. As the old adage goes – war is good for business – alright, it’s a Ferenghi Law Of Acquisition, but no less true for that.

When I was young, I assumed companies manufacturing weapons and munitions did so at COST during wartime – but then again, at that age I also believed in Santa Claus, International Rescue and honest politicians.

And what does the huge wealth created by war cost those who have to FIGHT it? At best, their sanity – ask the trolley-dollies on military flights to combat zones about their passengers and they’ll tell you how gung-ho the grunts are on their way OUT…and how QUIET they are on the way BACK – and at worst, their young LIVES.

Part of the reason for their change of attitude on the way back, is the way foreign wars are FOUGHT. We all know about the Geneva Convention – a set of “rules” established over a hundred years ago to ensure conflicts were fought in a “gentlemanly” way – and condemn those who ignore it. But we forget that those rules were established – and periodically updated – by Westerners.

We fail to realize that if Third-World militias followed those rules – OUR rules – when fighting us, they would invariably LOSE. But THEY don’t fail to realize it and use whatever means they can AFFORD, to further their causes.

And Western kids just aren’t PREPARED for chemical warfare, machete-massacres and suicide bombers (incidentally, if a male suicide bomber gets a free pass to Heaven where he gets “serviced” by 72 virgins – what do FEMALE suicide bombers get? 72 MALE virgins? What woman wants to be gang-banged by 72 sexual incompetents?)

For a long time, the military have been able to tempt poor kids into joining the ranks with promises of free travel, accommodation and education. “It’s just two years and when you come out, you’ll have a nest-egg. You can open a surf-shop.” In My Day, a lot of guys joined up mainly to get an HGV (truck) licence.

They never mention that once you’ve signed on the line, you can quickly find yourself half-way around the planet, facing DEATH, from a bunch of people you have NO personal quarrel with.

But now, those kids are wising UP. Recruitment is DOWN. And no Western country wants to reintroduce National Service or drafts. So what does the Western military do next? Answer – take a leaf out of “Terminator” – AUTOMATE war. Modern technology can ELIMINATE the need for grunts ALTOGETHER. And if a MACHINE takes out a bunch of civilians – no Courts Martial to worry about.

But there are two BIG problems with this solution. One – it makes a “military solution” much easier to contemplate. And two – Third- World militias can’t AFFORD that technology – even if they could OBTAIN it. Which means MORE suicide bombers. MORE chemical atrocities. And more TERRORISTS (he is a terrorist – I am a freedom-fighter).

It’s not going to get any better, people…


3 Responses to “Damien on… War”

  1. There is only one way to not-have-wars. That is for those good guys who are not afraid of terminating bad guys to do it before said bad guys start.

    I refuse to believe that it is not possible to spot bad guys. Now you will tell me that there is a snag in all this.

    Cy Quick at

  2. I remember a short-story-TV episode where a guy picks up his recently raped wife from hospital. She’s deeply sedated. As he’s driving her home, they pass through an industrial area. It appars to be the weekend, as it’s almost deserted. Suddenly, as they pass a lone walker, she stirs and murmers, “He did it. It was him.” The man stops the car, goes around to the boot and removes a tyre-iron. He then follows the man till he turns into a quiet alleyway – then catches him up and BEATS him to death with the iron. No-one has seen him. He returns to the car and they drive on in silence. After a while they pass some more men walking. “He did it…he did it…he did it…” The last shot in the piece is of the man’s face as the full import of what he has done sinks in…

    So much for vigilantism. Although back in the Eighties, if I’d discovered I had a terminal disease – I’d have taken Thatcher with me.

  3. That is why I mostly remember to say “CAUGHT RED-HANDED” as opposed to “beyond reasonable doubt”. The former can he shot. The latter must cop humane imprisonment for real life, or until new evidence turns up.


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