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Damien on… Britain's Pound

America may have her problems, but that’s what happens when you elect a Monkey as your executive – TWICE.

But at least she now has Obama who, provided the people re-elect him, has the same amount of time as the previous incumbent to repair the damage.

Not so the land of MY birth – Britain.

After the glory days of the Sixties, thanks to an incompetent left-wing government in the Seventies – a greedy, corrupt right-wing government during the Eighties and half of the Nineties – and Nice-But-Dim Tony Blair’s left-wing government that has reigned ever since – Britain’s economy is in the DUMPER.

And the Scotch nit who took over doesn’t look like he’s going to improve things.

The main problem is the damn POUND. Brits didn’t want to know about the Euro, when the more SENSIBLE countries of Europe adopted it. And, mindful of VOTES, Tony promised not to adopt it without a referendum.

Which goes to show why letting the IDIOT PEOPLE run a country is a BAD IDEA. The plebs know as much about economics as I do about quantum physics.

And as a result, while Europe’s economy struggles on, Britain’s Pound sinks slowly nearer and nearer to parity with the Euro. I confidently predict (and you heard it here first – on the 3rd of October, 2009) that during 2010, the Pound will drop BELOW the value of said Euro.

How long it will be before it drops below the DOLLAR, I don’t even want to CONSIDER…


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