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Damien on… Countries' Indicators

You can tell a lot about a country by its indicators.

For instance, a country is DEFINED by its attitude towards its sex industry. All countries HAVE them, but while some freewheeling nations allow openness, others try (mostly unsuccessfully) to suppress them. Like, in Germany, it is tolerated but REGULATED. In Thailand, it exists – but is ignored. The French CELEBRATE it. Sweden is free-thinking, but cold. In England it is legal, but swept under the carpet. I could mention certain other countries, but these days…

The point is, in ALL countries, their attitude to their sex industry reflects their attitude to EVERYTHING.

Then there’s a country’s age of consent. The HIGHER it is, the more REPRESSED the country. In some countries, it is as high as EIGHTEEN (which is unfortunate for its men, as they hit their sexual peak at around FIFTEEN – by eighteen, they are on the slide) and in one country it is TWENTY-FIVE – unless you are married!

But as the age lowers, countries split into two – like a bell-curve. In Holland, it is twelve (with certain qualifications) and they are one of the most ADVANCED countries in the World. While others also have twelve – but only because they are PRIMITIVE. An examination of OTHER parameters is necessary to determine WHICH catagory such a country falls into.

Another useful index is the percentage of a country’s people who believe in a GOD. The higher THAT percentage is – the more RETARDED the country is.

(And if THIS one doesn’t get me comments…)


2 Responses to “Damien on… Countries' Indicators”

  1. Well said! As usual.

    What always puzzles me is why some of the most educated scientifically advanced democracies persist in inflicting upon themselves a set of rules intended to keep rampant tribes of illiterate pre-first millenium goat herders in order!

    There! That’s offended Jews, Muslims AND Christians for you!


  2. Congratulations – I’ll pass the fatwa on! Actually, it always amazes me how it’s impossible to become President or Prime Minister if you declare yourself to be an Atheist. I wouldn’t want MY representative declaring belief in an invisible, supreme being – unless he was SERIOUSLY drunk!

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