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Damien on… American Names

I don’t need to dwell on Americans’ insistence on changing the English language for no other reason than to try and kid themselves that THEY invented The Language Of Shakespeare.

But I cannot let their current fad for mispronouncing and misspelling NAMES pass without comment.

I mean, do they REALLY have to try to “elevate” mundane names with spellings like K’rinne (Corinne) and Jaymee (Jamie)?

And even sadder are those who SPELL them correctly but choose to PRONOUNCE them “exotically”. Like Colin Powell. Colin is pronounced “colin”, not “coe-lyn” – DUMMY! How did a man who can’t even pronounce his own NAME reach a position of power?

The words “as” and “if” immediately spring to mind…


5 Responses to “Damien on… American Names”

  1. “Aluminum” is my favourite!

    It’s Al – u – min- i – um you colonial peasants!


  2. And “fanny” has rather different connotations on the opposite sides of The Pond, too!

  3. No! We Brits are the ones in the wrong on this one (and we ought to be honourable enough to admit our mistake all these years). The original was indeed alumi num, But at the time of its discovery there was radi um just being discovered as well. So sloppy careless Brits did not read it properly and thought it was alumin i um. Good try though, Sir Alfred.

  4. You WIN this one! My researches have shown that the discoverer of aluminium/aluminum was (Sir) Humphry Davy (he of the mining lamp fame) – and he went with ALUMINUM. An unknown person changed it, thinking it sounded better.

    There were precedents for BOTH spellings – as you say, radium – plus platinum, tantalum, etc. While potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium argue the alternative.

    However, it would appear these are all based on the OXIDES of the elements; e.g., magnesia for magnesium. Therefore, since Davy went with ALUMINA (NOT aluminia) – then aluminum was CORRECT!

    Although American dictionaries are WRONG in labelling “aluminium” as being the “chiefly British” spelling – in fact, only America and Canada spell it thus. Everywhere else goes with “aluminium” – but THEY are wrong, TOO!!

  5. Blimey! You don’t ‘arf put in the ‘ard work mate!

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