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Damien on… John McCain's Health

Now here’s a thought…

If America had had the (collective) stupidity to vote McCain into the White House (they voted a MONKEY in – TWICE) Sarah “Calamity Jane on acid” Palin would have been Veep.

Thus if the old boy had pegged out during his reign (which would’ve been more than likely) Cruella’s Country-Bumpkin Cousin would have become the most powerful person on the planet. A SERIOUSLY scary thought.

This World is in ENOUGH trouble without being ruled by someone who actually believes there’s a god – and that Africa is a country. Oh, and who wets herself every time she looks out of her kitchen (the best place FOR her) window, because she can see the arse-end of Russia from it.

Sh*t! If SHE ever ruled the Oval Office, people might actually begin to yearn for the Good Old Days when George Wan… sorry, WaLker Bush occupied it!

But the above is obvious to any Thinking Person, so what’s my point?

Well, history abounds with what-ifs – thus it occurred to this writer that it will be interesting to see if John McCain DOES fall off the twig during the next eight years (from old age, not an accident – if he falls off his Zimmer Frame, all bets are off) because it will mean that had the Yanks lost ALL of their marbles and voted these two jokers in – Palin would have ended up as POTUS.

Which means our Earth dodged a bigger bullet than the football-field-sized asteroid that flew within the Moon’s orbit a few months ago.

So thanks, Americans. And no matter WHAT he does – make sure you vote Obama back for his second term!


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