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Damien on… The World’s Greatest Mass-Murderer

Which National leader was responsible for the most deaths? Any boy? House-point available. Hitler? Stalin? Thatcher? Amateurs. The leader responsible for more deaths than those three COMBINED was… the 28th President Of The United States, Woodrow Wilson.

Huh? You mean the guy who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? Yep, that’s him.

Y’see, Woody was POTUS during WW1, and it was HE who was ultimately responsible for unleashing the Great American Plague on an already war-weary public, in 1918.

The Great American Plague? What’s that? Well, you might know it better as Spanish Flu.

The history books tell us that during 1918 and 19, between 25 and 100 MILLION people died, world-wide, from Spanish Flu. What they rarely mention is that it was a PLAGUE, similar to Bubonic and that it was only first IDENTIFIED in Spain. It originated in the good old USA.

It began life as a disease of pigs, on the farms of middle America – where it crossed over to the farm-workers.

And when it came time to mobilize the US army to end The War That Would End All Wars, these farm-workers got sent to barracks, where they began infecting everyone ELSE. Then it was time to (literally) ship them out – packed into troop-ships where they would have time to infect still MORE men – all of whom would be sent to the four corners of the globe, to fight for peace – thus infecting the LOCAL populations as well.

Now of course, any first-year medical student will tell you that Rule Number One to stop a highly infectious disease from spreading, is to STOP all unnecessary TRAVEL. ISOLATION is the KEY to nailing a plague. So Woody and his advisors obviously didn’t KNOW about the Great American Plague, RIGHT?

Except that they DID. They even computed how many troops would DIE, BEFORE they reached the combat zones – and the figure was considered “acceptable”. When Woody read the figures and STILL signed the papers to let the mobilization take place, he’s on record as saying, “May God forgive me for what I’ve done.”

Whether or not God did forgive him is not a matter of record. But what IS – is the fact that this, The Most Irresponsible Act Ever Carried Out By A Man, resulted in at LEAST 25 million dead, world-wide. And some estimates go as high as 100 million. The reason for the vagueness of the figures is the “knock-on effect”.

Like little kids who died in remote villages in the Third World, from starvation – their parents unable to feed them because they were DEAD. And being Third World countries in 1918, they didn’t keep reliable records anyway.

But even if you only accept the figure of 25 million, that still dwarfs the figure killed in the actual WAR. AND the holocaust. And Siberia. And the killing fields of Cambodia. And Darfur. And those murdered by “Care In The Community” patients, released by Thatcher’s Tory government, so she could save money by closing Mental Hospitals.

No, when it comes to death, Woodrow Wilson is the CHAMP. In fact, if the 100 million figure IS correct, he could just have eclipsed ALL the major world’s leaders COMBINED. From George Wan…sorry, WaLker Bush, right back to the first prehistoric tribal leader who ordered some poor shmuck he didn’t like – to be staked out over an ant-hill.

And then they awarded him the Nobel Prize For Peace…

2016 UPDATE: Since I penned the above piece, some seven years ago, there have been several pandemic scares. And so more research has been done into the 1918 event, resulting in the number of dead being given a tighter estimate…



One Response to “Damien on… The World’s Greatest Mass-Murderer”

  1. You see, war is war; so even if this is true (it sounds SO much like a conspiracy theory type of gag) what was the guy to do?

    It is always sad when good guys and gals die along with the garbage. But, listen, keep the thought provocation coming!

    Cheers, Cy, at:

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