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Damien on… I can’t even think of a TITLE for THIS one!

I just heard that the Pentagon were “mulling over” the possibility of BANNING SMOKING – THROUGHOUT THE U.S. MILITARY. Even for guys in COMBAT. Oh come ON – that’s not FAIR!

I mean the absurdities are so MANY – where does a poor writer START? Let’s see…

Smoking soldiers are fine, provided they are the victims of a napalm attack.

Or how about – well, they wouldn’t want soldiers in COMBAT exposed to the perils of “second-hand smoke”, would they? That could be DANGEROUS.

Or one could just boringly point out that with recruitment down, totally alienating twenty percent of potential grunts ain’t REALLY such a smart idea.

I suppose it’s a sign of the way things have changed, since my day.

Then, most of America’s combat troops were smoking HASH.


UPDATE! Incredibly, just TWO DAYS after the above, I NOW hear the Pentagon are “mulling over” (those words AGAIN) trying to recruit another 30,000 troops to replace those who are leaving the services. Yeah, tell me how THAT works out for you!


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