The World According To Damien
in a World gone mad – one sane voice emerges…

Damien on… "Methinks He Protests Too Much…"

In a former life, I was a service engineer. This necessitated my having to work on British army bases. And when they were having one of their security-alert exercises, you had to be accompanied everywhere by a squaddie.

So on this particular occasion, I found myself touring a base with one of Her Majesty’s Finest. We chatted, but unbidden by me, the conversation soon turned to what this little nerk would like to do to every queer in the World.

I mumbled agreement (he WAS armed) but found myself thinking that if Martial Law was ever declared, this excrescence would be walking Britain’s streets with a GUN. Too bad for anyone he saw MINCING down the street.

And as I considered this, another thought came to mind. It has been said the majority of rabid homophobes are in fact GAYS who, unable to deal with their sexual orientation, overcompensate by becoming furiously ANTI-gay.

Eyeing his weapon (the GUN – I’ll do the jokes) I decided it might be wise to keep this nugget of wisdom to myself…


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