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Damien on… “Saga Holidays”

I was in my late thirties when Saga Holidays started up. Its target group was the over-fifties, for whom they promised vacations suitable for those of advanced years. Fair enough.

However, now I’M in my over-fifties – and a visit to the Tulip Fields of Amsterdam would fill me with INERTIA. In fact, I think I speak for most of my demographic when I say the only plants MY group would be interested in – in Amsterdam – are the ones available for smoking in it’s BARS.

I understand Saga is still in business, but since the original “Club 18-30” crowd now ALSO qualify for their wares, I wonder what they’ve done to accomodate THEM?

I mean, the ORIGINAL Saga customers are all DEAD now…


2 Responses to “Damien on… “Saga Holidays””

  1. Ahh! Can’t you just imagine it – Club 50 – Infinity!

    Complimentary Viagra and KY jelly in the rooms.

    No condoms – because, after all, who’s gonna get pregnant?

    Lumbar support backrests on the Big Inflatable Banana!

    Similarly aged Holiday Reps from Manchester/Glasgow/Belfast with undecipherable accents all trying to talk “posh” but calling everybody “Dear”!

    Commodes in the Aeroplane seats!

    I could go on and on (and I would if I had that commode…..)!


  2. I’m LIVING my Saga Holiday – here in Thailand!

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