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Damien on… Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life

My Smarter Brother, Morpheus, has already expounded his views on this subject (at but I’d like to get in my two penn’orth.

In an ideal World, no matter what the circumstances, women would be forced to go full term with their pregnancies – provided there was no significant ADDITIONAL risk to their PHYSICAL health. Then if they still wished, they could put their babies up for adoption.  

But we don’t LIVE in an ideal World.

So since the PRACTICAL situation will always be that the rich woman can go on that “skiing holiday” in Switzerland, while the poor woman will be left with the “back-street abortionist”, the law CANNOT forbid abortion. To do so would merely turn the clock BACK.

But where does that leave the MAN in the case? Well, sadly, it leaves him NO-WHERE. If the woman is determined to abort and the man is diametrically opposed to the idea, that’s one vote each – with no opportunity for compromise. And since it’s the WOMAN’S body that’ll be ripped apart by the procedure, SHE must have the casting vote.

Of course, that’s always assuming the woman is fortunate enough to live in a country where women actually HAVE a choice – about ANYTHING.


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