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Damien on… Brits And Japs

How come the word “Brit” – short for British person – is okay, whilst “Jap” – short for Japanese person – is considered offensive?

Even the mighty WordPress Spellchecker accepts Brit, but rejects Jap (then again, it rejects “WordPress” as well).


2 Responses to “Damien on… Brits And Japs”

  1. The word ‘Jap’ was used pejoratively by the entire US people, including news media, in World War 2. It is impossible to recover from that.

    The word ‘Brit’ has been used pejoratively by the small numbers of people in the Roman Catholic population of the Six Counties, but respectfully by a FAR GREATER NUMBER of people in USA, as in “the Brits are doing a great job coming to our assistance in the War…”

    I guess that must be all the excuse the PC people need!

  2. Thanks, Cy! That was a good and sensible answer to what was probably a dumb question – better than it deserved!

    I s’pose it IS down to USAGE. In My Day, if you called a black person black, it was considered tasteless. The preferred word was “coloured”.

    Then suddenly, “coloured” became offensive and BLACK was now okay – in fact, OBLIGATORY.

    I seem to recall that in the Twenties, Agatha Christie (surname offensive to non-Christians?) wrote a play called “Ten Little (N-word)s”, where a bunch of people get murdered, one at a time – doubtless inspired by the nursery rhyme of the same name.

    However, the title was soon changed to “Ten Little Indians”, which I s’pose should NOW be changed AGAIN – to “Ten Little Native Americans”?!

    And I also recall the rhyme being featured, with illustrations, in an early Sixties comic annual. THIS time, it was called, “Ten Little Coal Black Boys”. OUCH!

    Then there’s the famous “Noddy” book where he’s driving through the woods and a gang of “Gollywogs” hi-jack him, strip him naked and drive off in his little red and yellow car. (FACT – check it out).

    Obviously, this book has been unavailable for some time…

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