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Damien on… Les Dawson

Unless you’re a Brit who, like me, is well-stricken in years – this will mean NOTHING to you. But here it is…

Last night – and I SWEAR this is true – I had a DREAM, where I was watching TV and an announcer came on and in sombre voice, announced the death of a Les Dawson tribute actor called “Less Dawson” – suicide was suspected.

DAMN! I’m writing better stuff in my SLEEP than I am whilst awake!


2 Responses to “Damien on… Les Dawson”

  1. Quickly! Do not panic! Find that excellent article you wrote on why dreams are not anything to worry about!

  2. Well, the piece pointed out that dreams are merely wanderings of the Subconscious Mind, which, freed from the constraints of the Conscious, picks random visions, concepts and emotions out of the memory bank and strings them together into a vaguely narrative form.

    It’s not supposed to MAKE STUFF UP!

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