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Damien on… The Decline (And Fall?) Of The West

Many years ago, this observer predicted that while the gap between the wealth of the “developed” countries and those which were developING”, thanks to “outsourcing”, was narrowing – it would all end in tears.

The reason behind this thinking was that while developing nations would welcome the boost to their living standards, the West would not be so happy when theirs went correspondingly DOWN.

Well, now it appears Your Humble Scribe was right. Britain’s once-proud Pound has crashed 30% in value over the last year, while its companies shuffle papers. And whilst the almighty U.S. dollar has recovered from ITS recent losses, America’s industries are struggling. Even former giants like G.M. are teetering.

And yet, those developing countries that should now have been booming are feeling the pinch as well. It’s no use the Servants beavering away when the Master is SKINT – he can’t PAY them. And it’s no use buying the Master’s house if he can’t pay the rent.

Furthermore, in order to compete, those Servants are working in conditions that would have had Western workers out on strike in the FIFTIES. This reporter has FORGOTTEN what industrial air pollution was like – but people in the developing countries are just finding OUT.

Of course, when the employment barriers came down in Europe, the “new Europeans” from the old Soviet bloc began coursing over to Western Europe to do the jobs Westerners didn’t want to do. But, unlike the Commonwealth immigrants of – again – the Fifties, they soon found things were so bad there, many have now gone BACK.

This has been aided by new industry set up in Eastern Europe, by Western European companies. In effect, the money went one way while the workers passed it, going the other. And now, they’ve done a quick U-turn to follow it.

But while this seer managed to predict much of this – he has NO freakin’ idea where it’s all going next…


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